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Each winter we usually get a storm or two usually a few inches. Rarely do we get more than 6 or 8 inches and very rarely over a foot. I have been living in this area for more than 20 years and I can remember each of the substantial storms.

This year, the weather was quite warm until February and we experienced two of the typical 6 incher storms.

Snow/Ice Storm Feb 2007

Angie has been hoping for snow all winter and finally she got her wish. On Feb 13th/14th, we experienced a storm that delivered all of 4 to 5 inches of snow followed by a bunch of sleet and freezing rain, only to turn very cold and have it all freeze.

School was out for the rest of the week (yeah, one shortened day and 3 full days out of school). The roads were still icy in subdivisions (and our driveway as I was not home during the storm and thus unable to plow the driveway before it froze).

The kids enjoyed walking and sledding atop the ice. The horses didn't want to have anything to do with it. The cars just rode over it with barely an indentation.

Suprise Snow Feb 25, 2007

The prediction this time was for less than an inch of snow changing over to freezing rain with as much as a half inch of freezing rain (raising the question of power outages). However, that wasn't to be. It started snowing, changed to sleet for about a half hour, and then the snow came back with a vengence. After about 5 inches, I decided that this time, since I was home, I would plow the driveway. So CJ and I went out and put the plow onto the tractor and I went about plowing the driveway. this snow was much different than the last time. No ice layer, so I was able to keep the driveway pretty clear.


Enjoy the pictures.

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