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Liberty Open Source Toolkit

These toolkits implement the Liberty Alliance ID-WSF 1.0 and 2.0 protocols. The original code was developed by Conor Cahill while he was at AOL. AOL agreed to release the code under a BSD License. Intel Corporation, where Conor now works, has given permission to Conor to continue to develop and maintain the code on his own time and Conor continues to use a BSD license on the code.

The code is only available in source code format.

Client Toolkit

The client toolkit is a C++ library that supports the Liberty ID-WSF 1.0 and 2.0 framework protocols. In addition to the base ID-WSF framework, the toolkit also includes client modules for interacting with the following services:
  • Liberty ID-WSF Authentication Service
  • Liberty ID-WSF Discovery Service
  • Liberty ID-WSF Provisioning Service
  • Demo Radio Service (non-Liberty)
  • Demo Media Service (non-Liberty)
  • Demo Registration Service (non-Liberty)
  • Demo Provisioning Service (non-Liberty)
With the excepion of the Radio Service, the non-Liberty services are all demonstration services that have not been implemented in any production environment. AOL has implemented the Radio Service.

The client toolkit has been built on Windows using Cygwin, Linux, and MacOS X.

Source code Toolkits:


Server Toolkit

The server toolkit is a Java implementation of only ID-WSF 2.0 written on top of:

The implementation of this server toolkit is much more limited than the client toolkit. Missing components include:

  • Run-time configuration - right now the configuration is build-time.
  • Signature validation
  • Many of the service features.
  • Ability to discover and invoke subsequent services.
The following service componets are included
  • Liberty ID-WSF Authentication Service (very basic, only supports Username/Password validation)
  • Liberty ID-WSF Discovery Service - fairly complete
  • Liberty ID-WSF Provisioning Service - substantial portions, but NOT complete (activate/deactivate missing, polling/notification not supported)
  • Demo Media Service (non-Liberty)
  • Demo Registration Service (non-Liberty)
  • Demo Provisioning Service (non-Liberty)
  • Early Beginings (non-functional) Liberty Identity Mapping Service and and Liberty People Service
The non-Liberty services are all demonstration services used for testing and interop.

Source code Toolkits:

  • LibertyIDWSFServices-v0.8.4.tgz - the most current toolkit - updates to reflect changes made in the final Advanced Client Provisioning Service specification.
  • LibertyIDWSFServices-v0.8.3.tgz - a prior version of the toolkit - adds support for the latest draft of the Advanced Client Provisioning Service and fixes some bugs in the ID-WSF 2.0 framework support
  • LibertyIDWSFServices-v0.8.2.tgz - a prior version of the toolkit which has been updated to be compliant with the ID-WSF 2.0 final specs (for the parts that have been implemented).
  • LibertyIDWSFServices-v0.8.tgz - a prior release based upon ID-WSF 2.0 Draft 3.

OS-Specfic Installation Notes

Notes I made during an installation on clean OSs. If you install on another OS and have some notes to add, please send them to me so I can post them here as well.

Fedora 5 (me).

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