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Fedora 5 Installation Notes

Installed/configured Fedora 5 Core with pretty complete installation including standard, kernel and X development toolsets and postgres database.

Building client toolkit:

  1. needed libxmlsec, so built & installed into $HOME/installed/local client then built fine... However, tests against server failed.
  2. after getting server working some of the Media service tests were failing. Tracked down problem to the fact that I was using an internal Curl function for Base64 conversions and the semantics of that func apparantely changed. I wrote my own base64 module and added a series of tests to validate the code. Media tests then passed.

Building server toolkit:

  1. Database wasn't active.... Wrote script for build process which makes sure DB is running and can be used by root to initialize database for the first time. - This shouldn't be an issue any longer, although the build may stop requiring you to run the database initialization step as root.

That's it. Services up and running after that and all tests passed.

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