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Burn Man


Burn Man is a 5 card poker guts game with a twist.


The game can be played with 3 to 10 players.

Object of the Game

To have the best 5 card sandard poker hand.


The dealer usually antes the first quarter (no other players ante).


Each player is dealt 5 cards, 4 face down followed by the last one face up. Players MUST NOT look at their cards at this point.


The first player with the highest card that is face up (Ace being highest) must declare whether the are in or not without looking at their cards (blind).

If that player declares that they are out, they are out for the remaining rounds of this game (until only a single player declares that they are in and takes the pot) and the choice falls to the player with the next highest up card.

This process proceeds until a player declares that they are in without looking at their cards.

Once a player declares that they are in, the remaining players can now look at their cards and the remaining declarations follow the order of the face up cards (e.g. next highest face up card declares next and so on).

For example, if the up cards were (in order from the player to the dealer's left) 7, A, A, 9, 3. The first player to declare would be the first Ace, followed by the 2nd Ace, 9, 7 and finally 3.


Once all players have declared, the players that have declared in show their hands and the player with the highest hand takes the pot, wile the other players match the amount in the pot and contribute that amount to the new pot.

No other antes take place in the game.


The game ends when only a single player declares that they are in and they take the pot as their reward.



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