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Burn The Cross


Burn The Cross is a guts 7 card poker game with 3 of the 7 cards coming from a common pile in the center of the table.


The game can be played with 3 or more players.

Object of the Game

To have the best 5 card hand built from 7 cards (4 in your hand and 3 selected from the table).


Dealer calls, but usually each player antes a quarter.


Each player is dealt 4 cards face down. The dealer (either during the deal of the cards to the player, or afterwards) places 5 cards on the table in a 3x3 cross arrangement. The card in the center of the cross is face down and the remaining cards are face up.


Each player looks at their 4 cards and can choose either the vertical or horizontal arm of the cross (without being able to see the center card) to make the best hand that they can (at this point only seeing 6 of the 7 cards they will have).

Betting follows the rules in a guts game and once all players have declared, the final card is turned up.


The betting follows the rules for guts games, and usually the losers pay the winner rather than the pot.


The winning hand is the hand with the best 5 card poker hand made from the 7 cards that are available to them. Note that the player may have chosen to stay in considering one arm of the cross (which they don't announce) but may re-think that and use the other arm if, after seeing the final card, their hand is better.



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